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  • Robert Wardell

    I contacted R3 at the weekend and they immediately put my mind at rest by scoping the works over the phone and issuing a good prognosis. The drive (iMac) was collected the same day late at night 23:00 as an operative was returning to base from another job and was almost passing my door. All my important data was recovered to a USB drive within the week and returned to me. Excellent service.

    Annie Dodd

    Faced with the losing everything on my current work stick, I was on the verge of disaster when, fortunately, I was put in touch with R3 Data Recovery. They explained the options, offered an ultra high speed service and, importantly, gave me hope that recovery was possible. This hope was justified, with virtually all the files intact. The additional extra of having the data available electronically almost immediately was marvellous - incredibly useful. Thank you R3.

    Darren Powell

    Being reliant but scared of IT has never been a good mix. However my dealings with R3 Data were professional and no nonsense which led to a speedy cost effective solution to my problem. I would highly recommend their services.

  • Aaron Roach

    One of our main RAID Servers went down. We needed the data urgent. R3 organised a courier, within 1 hour it was collected and soon back with them. They worked throughout the night, keeping me consistently up to date. The whole issue was resolved within 24 hours, ensuring we were back up and running. I cannot thank and Praise these guys enough!

What Do We Do?

Data, whether proprietary business information or treasured memories represents much more than binary ones and zeros, it represents time, energy, emotion and money. Should this data become unavailable or corrupted, it could affect a company's bottom line, a family's treasured memory, a student's GPA, an author's livelihood, a photographer's next job, a musicians greatest hit, or countless other scenarios. Data drives the world and data recovery is the heart and soul of our business.

We hope you never need our services, but should that day occur, we are prepared to "stand in the breech", going the extra mile to ensure your data is recovered quickly, completely and cost effectively.

We are laser focused on two crucial elements..

  • Data Recovery - skilled technicians with 30+ years of combined experience work tirelessly to recover data across multiple platforms and devices. Their work happens in ISO certified clean rooms using state of the art tools and techniques. Our recovery lab is secured with on-site 24 hour security. This isn't a game to us, this is your data and it will be recovered and protected.
  • Excellent Customer Service - call us on 0161 207 3282 from 6am to midnight for a free quote. We understand you're experiencing stress and with that thought, you'll be treated with patience and given complete explanations and options.
Leading Data Recovery Team in Manchester, UK

No job is too large or too small; we're at home speaking with a home user, network administrator, company director or anyone who needs information about data recovery.

We strive for excellence, employing only skilled technicians and performing our magic whether you are using a typical hard drive, RAID array, Tape, NAND, Solid State, SAN or basically any type of digital storage.

Desiring to be a customer driven company, we have plans for any situation or budget.

  1. Emergency - 12 to 72 hour turnaround (on site repair is available)
  2. Priority - 4 to 6 working days
  3. Budget - 7 to 10 working days

Processing time is from arrival at our lab subject to donor parts availability where needed.

All services have free weekday standard courier collection and return but we also offer dedicated driver collection and or return anywhere in the UK - Ask for a price.

Quite simply, we're the best at what we do in the UK and at a fixed cost, our upfront pricing ensures you know what you will pay and we can beat any genuine quote from our competitors whether your data recovery needs are on..

We can and will do everything possible to recover your data and our success rate is unparalleled. Call us on 0161 207 3282, 7 days a week from morning to midnight and let us put your fears to rest. Your data isn't lost, not once we starting looking.


Lost data? Don't panic. We can help! Call our expert for a FREE diagnosis.. 0161 207 3282